Recent Reads

The “What I’m Reading” section on my blog is quite new, so rather than go back and try to write things about books that I’ve read and then constantly playing catch-up, I thought I would do a quick summary of my recent readings.

Whisky Charlie Foxtrot by Annabell Smith: I finished this book last night and I am so glad I was off the bus and in the comfort of my own home when I did because it made me cry big fat ugly tears because it was SO sad but SO happy and I loved it. It’s definitely a very happy ending and the sort of ending I really love in books because it makes me feel like I can leave the characters and they will be safe without me. The characters are flawed in just the right way that it makes them very real, and as such makes you feel very attached to them, I felt like I was part of the family and for a book like this, I think that was very important.

 Come Back to Me by Sara Foster: This was the second book I read by this author, I bought this almost as soon as I finished Beneath the Shadows. The ending was perfect, unfortunately reading the end of this I was on the bus, and I think the man next to me thought I was having a panic attack or something. I had to do those big intakes of breath you do when you’re trying really hard not to cry. I really loved the moves between London and Perth, because I love both those places very much.

Beneath the Shadows by Sara Foster: I really enjoyed this book, it’s been a long time since I’ve read a thriller and this book really showed me what I had been missing, it’s got great suspense and the author really nailed the art of leaving chapters on a cliffhanger which kept me reading well past my bed time, not something I would recommend for someone home alone with an active imagination! It did cause me to jump a bit when I heard noises out side, but that’s probably because I’m a massive scaredy cat when the lights go out.

The Paris Wife by Paula McLain: I managed to find this book by accident in a book shop in Margaret River purely by chance. I wanted to read it because i thought i might be a good research book for my novel, it’s set in Paris and explores the life of Hadley Richardson, who was Hemingway’s first wife. The book is a work of fiction but from what I gather it’s been done extremely well. The  author refers to Hemingway’s own words (from A Moveable Feast – my current read) as well as letters between him and Hadley. It’s very well written and despite being the slightly wrong time period for me to accurately use it for research purposes, it was still an excellent book which otherwise I wouldn’t have picked up.


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