Australian Women Writers Challenge

As you may have seen from my blog page, I am taking part in the Australian Women Writers Challenge for 2013. Yes I am aware that it’s already the 10th December and there are only a few weeks until the end of the year and the end of the challenge, but as I have already read a few books this year that fit the category I thought I would just continue the theme.

The books that I have read are:

  • What is Left Over, After by Natasha Lester
  • Whisky Charlie Foxtrot by Annabel Smith
  • Come Back to Me by Sara Foster
  • Beneath the Shadows by Sara Foster
  • Fractured by Dawn Barker
  • The Shadow Year by Hannah Richell
  • Burial Rites by Hannah Kent

Next on the list are:

  • Elemental by Amanda Curtin (I have already started reading this)
  • Floodline by Kathryn Heyman
  • The Memory Trap by Andrea Goldsmith
  • Gotland byFiona Capp

I’ve signed up to the Franklin level, which is to read 10 and review 6. I have 11 books in my list, which means I have a back up in case I don’t like one of the books I’ve chosen.

Or I can just be a show-up and over achieve.  Which is the most likely outcome.


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