What I’m Reading

As an avid reader I like to keep track of the books I read and how I feel about them at the time of, and after, reading. Some books I might write a few words and others I might write more in-depth reviews. Generally, I love all the books that I read, because generally, if I don’t I won’t finish it. Some books I read for research purposes rather than for ‘fun’, so I’ll add these in, but probably not to review as such, more of a ‘these books are good for learning about this’ type of thing.

Now for the potentially controversial part: I LOVE books, but I also LOVE my ereader. I have a kobo, which allows me to have the bookshelves I always wanted but without taking up my entire house. Saying that, if I love a book that I read on my kobo, I will go out and buy the book (support your local bookshop yo) which probably defeats the point, but you know what? If an author has been wonderful enough to spend a year (or more) of their life to write a book that I read in 3 days, the least I can do is pay them twice for it. Which brings me to my next point…

Amazon DOES NOT SUPPORT WRITERS! Writers who sell their books/ ebooks or whatever get next to nothing from sales from Amazon. Support the writers, buy the book if you can from a local independent bookshop in your area. This supports not only the writer but the bookshop, two bangs for your buck(s).  Apparently kobo have a much better rate of return for the authors, which slightly releases me of my ebook related guilt. But only slightly.




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