On The Lash!

Originally published on adornYou here: On The Lash!

As a make-up artist, I get asked a lot about what mascara I recommend, selecting the right one for you can seem a somewhat daunting prospect. There is a huge variety of mascara on the market each promising to make you look like a cross between Miranda Kerr and Bambi, so to keep it simple & help guide you in the right direction, I’ve assembled a list of my favourites. You’re welcome!

1. Covergirl Lash Perfection

Covergirl Lash Perfection
Covergirl Lash Perfection

Cheap and cheerful is the name of the game with this first mascara. it’s a great option for everyday use as it’s not too thick so won’t clump on your lashes but thick enough that it won’t fall off and leave blobs of mascara on your cheeks. Covergirl claims this as a volumising mascara but I find it adds length as well, plus it’s easy to layer if you want to create a more dramatic look.

2. MAC Plush Lash

MAC Plush Lash
MAC Plush Lash

I love a chunky brush and this bad boy from MAC gets my lashes thick and fluttering! Plush Lash volumises and curls, the formula builds up nicely so you can get away with one application for a more natural look or build it up to vamp it up! Again there is no flaking or smudging.

3. Benefit They’re Real

Benefit They're Real
Benefit They’re Real

This is, without a doubt, the BEST mascara I have ever used. This mascara claims to lengthen, curl, volumise, lift and separate lashes for a spectacular “out-to-here” look and as much as I hated myself for giving into the hype I am so glad I forked out for this mascara, because it is one of the few mascaras that I have used that does everything it says it does. It is fantastic and I demand you buy this if only to use on super special occasions (like Saturdays).



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