Boutique Review – Hurly Burly

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You would be forgiven in thinking that there is nothing worth while down the ‘grungy’ end of Barrack Street in the CBD, you know, the bit that corners Wellington St that seems to only have a few Asian fast food joints and dodgy internet cafes.

Well, you would be wrong. Because down that end of town, the end of town that no one normally ventures down is a hidden gem, nestled between a Lebanese restaurant and an empty shop is Hurly Burly, a treasure trove of treats for lovers of alternative and pin-up clothing.

2013-06-11 05.26.34 pm

I popped in this afternoon to have a chat to Rachael Aslett, Marketing lady-extrodinare (who incidentally is the brains behind the adorable Cats that Look Like Pin-up Girls) and Sorcha Savage, Product and Shop Manager (yes that is her real name and yes it is amazing).

I was immediately drawn to the basket of tiny hats. Tiny hats copy copy

There are few things I love more in this world than tiny hats, RA & SS got in on the action so the three of us each donned one. Best thing EVER!

mel tiny hat copy
Look at my tiny hat!

Hurly Burly is chock-full of pin-up, rockabilly, punk and goth clothing, but if that’s not necessarily your thing, don’t be put off, they’re also one of the only places in the CBD that do costume hire. What’s more is that they are extraordinarily lovely, so if you haven’t been into an “alternative” clothing store before, don’t be put off by the leather and buckles, I assure you that you will find something great!

Bow, lashes, bows, oh my!
Bow, lashes, bows, oh my!

The clothes they stock come in loads of different styles and sizes, including some dresses up to a size 22, even if they don’t have it in stock they can (and will) order it or source it for you.

A WALL of stockings, in every colour you can imagine
A WALL of stockings, in every colour you can imagine

If you’re looking for something a bit different, a bit rockstar or a special costume party get-up, I can whole heartedly recommend Hurly Burly, go and see them, they are excellent!

Hurly Burly are at 141 Barrack Street , Perth, WA 6000



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